Hey Girl Hey!


Now that I just amped up my credibility… I’ll answer the question going through everyone’s mind; yes, that’s a throwback from Tila Tequila… but it’ll never die! Moving on…

So first, welcome! I’m Brittany, the creator of Closet 2 Confident and our team’s goal is to help women address their style, figure out which trends are a fashion go and which are a fashion no, help women embrace their closets as a tool instead of a task and so much more!

At Closet 2 Confident, after much research and development analysis (living life, let’s be real here) we’ve determined that lifestyle is a huge factor in a woman’s attire and we embrace every aspect of life and work- from a stay at home mom’s “athleisure” style to business woman’s fabulous taste in shoes and handbags, and we totally believe in fashion over function! (okay, function definitely has it’s place too- and we’ll address how you can have the best of both worlds!) The girls and I believe every person can benefit from some extra confidence and the way you dress has a TON to do with that!

Speaking of the girls, we have created a dynamic team of women who offer such different skill sets, lifestyles and career paths to help bring a little extra life and confidence to every person (especially every woman) that we meet! We thank you so much for joining us on this journey and we’re looking forward to addressing fashion and how it affects a woman’s confidence, as a whole.

Check  the “Our Team” page to learn more about our team and what each girl brings to the table… (my response to the question “what do you bring to the table?” is always… the table itself- boom! hold your applause)

Our team sends out weekly emails to make sure that you can get through your week without any “Why do I do this to myself?” when it comes to wardrobe, make up and hair! Visit the “Wanna Hear From Us?” tab to enter your info!

But again, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for starting on this journey and let’s get this thing started!



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