Brittany, our Strong Willed Founder

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From being a mom, to helping her husband run a brick and mortar, working a 9-5 and creating an online empire on the side, Brittany can always be found with her phone in her hand, a coffee in her cup holder and a smile on her face. She lives off of caffeine and snarky comments. Brittany may only have time to sleep a few hours a night but she swears the bags she rocks under her eyes are PRADA!

She has a taste for anything with a label and swears she has no choice but to be successful because she loves expensive sh!t. She looks forward a the future and closet filled with Louboutin heels and Celine Paris handbags.

Brittany would describe her style as “business chic” and you can almost always catch her in heels and a structured blazer with crazy printed skinnies!

Taylor, our Confident Co-Founder


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By day Taylor carries the title of banker but by night she prefers “super woman”… wait, that’s already taken? alright, how about mom? From financial planning while rocking a “taylored suit” (yes, pun intended) to running around with little Brett in her black yoga pants and Nike’s, Taylor is the perfect example of “work-life” balance. Her priorities are straight and it helps that she has the wardrobe to match it.

She openly admits that when she isn’t clocked in, she puts more emphasis on her little one’s outfit because that’s who people pay attention to- not the lady pushing the stroller.

Taylor would describe her style as “athleisure” and when she’s out and about can often be found in Victoria’s Secret Pink yoga pants and sweats or Under Armour. Taylor is a firm believer that when asked to “dress up” she puts on her best jeans (you know the one’s that make your butt look really good!)

Audrey, our Flawless Makeup Guru


RacerChick- Not the typical nickname you would associate with a girl, and definitely not a “girly girl”. But that’s the nickname Audrey was given and rocks it as she races 125cc go-karts (and has for over 10 years). Aside from racing, Audrey is a gun enthusiast, and works in the IT field and helps with her husband’s IT business! All of these things from racing, guns, and IT work, are not things that would generally be associated with feminine woman. But Audrey believes in defying the ways society stereotypes people based on their appearance!

Even when getting up at 5 am on a Sunday morning to go race with “a bunch of guys” Audrey always puts her makeup on! Many women feel wearing makeup means that they’re not secure with who they are, but she believes, instead, that makeup shows you’re a confident women by enhancing your features and showing your creativity.

Audrey feels makeup can be used by every woman, regardless of career, life, age, or ethnicity. It’s about finding what works for you, and what makes you feel beautiful and confident in your own skin. So whether Audrey is racing, target practicing, or going to work, you will see her rocking a pair of eyelashes and bright lipstick!

Jaime, our Creative Color & Hair Genius

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With over 15 years in the industry of making women feel fabulous, Jaime has the ability to take women’s hair from drab to fab and put their confidence through the roof! She carries a lot of titles- mom to a perfect little diva daughter, soccer coach, hair dresser and is always the first to help out at her friends business by making the lobby more friendly.

She has the keen ability to find the perfect shape for your face and help when experimenting with new colors or trends. She specializes in color correction (fixing boxed dye boo boo’s) and loves experimenting with up do’s for any occasion.

Jaime would describer her style as “free spirit” and you can often find her in destructed jeans, an over sized sweater or tank and boots or flip flops depending on the season.