How many mornings have your eyes come open and you laid in bed saying “okay, this is my day, I’m going to go right to the closet, choose an outfit and just wear it…”

So you peel yourself out from the warm covers, your feet hit the floor and the pep talk begins, “that white shirt you hated before, maybe it’ll be better today. yep, with those skinnies and my flats. today is the day”

You get to your closet and just take a deep breath… The white shirt is just staring you in the face- you grab it, wiggle it on while your arms are straight up in the air. “whew, it’s on” you think to yourself as you walk over to the mirror.

“ooohhh, aaaahhhh… nope, can’t do it. that’s it, i’m not going.” You go round and round with your clothes, only to toss every piece over your shoulder and onto the floor. you get half way through your wardrobe only to find a frumpy pile on your floor… okay, now pick yourself up off the floor!


If only it were as easy as “not going”… Well, what if I told you it could be? What if you didn’t dread the walk to your closet? What if you could solve the quick issues of a bad neckline on a shirt you love or the new make up trend you’ve been dying to wear out but end up looking more like Bozo the clown than Kim Kardashian… we are here to help!

We have a team of girls that can’t wait to take you from your own closet to confident- because guess what? confidence looks good on you.

Here’s our plan:

Your confident style worksheet- to help you better understand what your style is

14 Day Closet 2 Confident Make Over- we’ll help you assess what you have, trends you love and how to take your personal style to the next level

Closet Assessments & Shopping Events- for local ladies, we can meet for coffee and shopping- where to get the best deals on your #basics and that handbag we’re all dying for…that too!

Video’s- how to’s for make up, hair styles, fashion tips

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