Taylor’s Tips for Confidence

Hi Ladies! Just wanted to give 3 quick tips that you can apply to your everyday life to add a splash of confidence. Who wouldn’t want to walk around glowing like a movie star or your favorite pop diva (not Miley Cyrus pop diva, more like Demi Lovato pop diva).

Speaking of Demi Lovato, she has released a total #girlboss anthem “Confident.” If I ever need a pick me up, I turn it all the way up in my car and immediately I go from sitting at a stoplight to rocking it out on stage. (not a tip but take it and run) Find your #girlboss anthem- Brittany’s is “Run the World” by Beyonce. We’ll write more on #girlboss anthems later (sorry I get side tracked) Moving on!

Tip #1: Spoil Yourself with a “Confidence Booster”

image1My confidence boosters are my Vera Bradley pens! (I know.. who needs a $15 pen, right?!) The work life at this point can be kind of lackluster, how many financial docs can you print, sign and scan without it getting redundant.

My pens help ease me into my day because  my clients always say “Oh, I love your pen!” (yes, these would be females) and I have the opportunity to create some outside conversation other than what their accounts will look like and where they’re projecting for next quarter.

This totally motivates me to do my job because I get to use my “Fancy Pen”. Whether it’s your favorite shirt, a pair of heels, or your hairstyle, find YOUR boost!

Tip #2: Take “me time” 

Take this as you please, but nothing is more important for your health and sanity than “me time.” Whether it’s you escaping and taking a bubble bath while listening to throw back cd’s on your boombox, or doing yoga and meditating- it will help your mental clarity.

A lot of women right now are laughing under their breath and saying “me time- ha!” You can do it. You have to put yourself and your health as a priority. Your kids and pets are a priority, you’d never forget to feed them. Make your “me time” a priority. Even if it’s only 5 minutes before you head into your job- sit in your car in the parking lot, turn on your #girlboss anthem and rock out or sit and meditate on how your day will go- you control your destiny, 100%.

“Me time” gives me confidence because it makes me happy, gives me clarity and shows the people around me that I treat myself well, and then they have NO option but to treat you with anything but the same respect. This is huge for moms, you may feel guilty about taking 30 minutes to do a work out while your kids are awake and terrorizing- DON’T! It shows them that you have structure, that you care about your body and health and they should too!

Tip #3: Ask yourself questions through the day

This is probably the most important tip. How often do you ask yourself questions? Probably not enough- none of us do. Start with setting goals for yourself (know the easiest way to set a goal- take a dream you have and write it down on a piece of paper- boom goal set) whether it’s to be more productive during the day so you can not take work home with you, or whether it’s working out 3 times a week… write it down! The next step is break that goal down into actions- what is it going to take to kick that goal’s butt? (let’s stick with the being more productive example) You need to take out the social media time at work or not focusing on the task at hand by checking emails, or cut out getting distracted every time a co-worker walks past your desk and wants to start a convo. Those are small but great actions that you can totally accomplish.

The action I pose to you is ask yourself questions every time you are not focusing on one of your “top 3” most important things you need to ask yourself “is what I’m doing right now getting my closer to my goal?” WOAH! right? you can apply this to SO much in life! Brittany talks in her article about how she applies this to everything from work to finances. Talk about something that can change your life! Asking yourself questions… how often do you ask yourself “if I were to see someone who I haven’t seen in years, would they be impressed with what they see?” or “if I saw an ex at the grocery store, would they regret their decisions?” ANY QUESTION WORKS! All I ask is that it isn’t a question that compares you to anyone but your former self. Comparisons are the death of confidence! You’re NOT Kim Kardashian, you’re YOU, and that’s AMAZING! How beautiful it is– that you can wake up and be anyone in the world, and you choose to be yourself? That’s something special.

Okay ladies, start applying these things ASAP and I can’t wait to see where you are in 2 weeks, 30 days or a year from now! You’ll be a happier, healthier, more confident version of yourself! And you’ll love it, that I can promise!

Hey Girl Hey!


Now that I just amped up my credibility… I’ll answer the question going through everyone’s mind; yes, that’s a throwback from Tila Tequila… but it’ll never die! Moving on…

So first, welcome! I’m Brittany, the creator of Closet 2 Confident and our team’s goal is to help women address their style, figure out which trends are a fashion go and which are a fashion no, help women embrace their closets as a tool instead of a task and so much more!

At Closet 2 Confident, after much research and development analysis (living life, let’s be real here) we’ve determined that lifestyle is a huge factor in a woman’s attire and we embrace every aspect of life and work- from a stay at home mom’s “athleisure” style to business woman’s fabulous taste in shoes and handbags, and we totally believe in fashion over function! (okay, function definitely has it’s place too- and we’ll address how you can have the best of both worlds!) The girls and I believe every person can benefit from some extra confidence and the way you dress has a TON to do with that!

Speaking of the girls, we have created a dynamic team of women who offer such different skill sets, lifestyles and career paths to help bring a little extra life and confidence to every person (especially every woman) that we meet! We thank you so much for joining us on this journey and we’re looking forward to addressing fashion and how it affects a woman’s confidence, as a whole.

Check  the “Our Team” page to learn more about our team and what each girl brings to the table… (my response to the question “what do you bring to the table?” is always… the table itself- boom! hold your applause)

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But again, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for starting on this journey and let’s get this thing started!