Sock Boot Crisis

Many of you have read this article already, but I figured I’d put it here so you have access to it!

No matter how fabulous a woman looks, just remember her sock is falling down in her boot too…

The millennial woman’s equivalent of “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Everyone struggles with the sock boot crisis. Let’s be real here, how many times have you not worn boot socks and fought with a slouchy bunch in your boot through the majority of the day? Often, is probably the answer if you have boots in your wardrobe.

I am struggling today, that’s why I’m writing this! I have on these amazing designer stiletto booties with the little ballerina socks (I live in Ohio, my feet get cold!) and wouldn’t ya know it, I don’t even get out the door and schlump, down goes Frazier…


My sock is currently in the “schlump” position… I’ve grown to live with it. But again, regardless of how put together I look, I still struggle with stupid things like this too. So every time you look up and put your hands near your shoulders in the “whyyyyy does this only happen to me?!” position… Stop. It’s everyone.


Embrace what makes you human. Today, it’s that my socks keep falling down. Know what that means, I have socks and shoes on! Amazing, right?

I DO have a solution for this- if you’re all wondering! I love the topic of socks; I get it, I’m weird. But boot soboot sockscks are honestly a life saver! I absolutely love the brand “Grace & Lace” for cute trendy boot socks that show. Steve Madden is always an amazing go-to and you can find them not only in most big box stores but also stores like TJ Max, Burlington and Gabriel Brothers.

For the ultra comfy “crazy socks” that I wear with combat boots or intended not to show my go to is “STANCE“. I am not affiliated with any of those brands but they are my go to’s.


When it comes to wearing them- take yourself back to the 80’s and peg your jeans! put your sock just on your foot. Pull your jeans as tight to your leg as possible, wrap the remaining fabric and pull the socks up over the jeans. I’ll post a video on our youtube channel soon!

As for ankle boots, whole different beast we’ll cover in another post, but here’s an idea from Jo-Lynne Shane on Pinterest 🙂 vvvvvvv

ankle boots

If you have any questions, about boot socks and how to wear them, I’ll be posting again soon- if you can’t wait, head to the contact us tab and send us a comment!

Keep being your fabulous selves and remember every time you see that  super star looking flawless, or catch yourself awe-ing over the mom at the grocery store that had time to put on make up… her socks are probably falling down too.

Taking you from Closet 2 Confident! Because confidence looks good on you.

Love, Brittany